Corporate presentation rooms

To convey your arguments successfully, you need the audience’s full attention, as displayed with a 165" dnp Giant Wide screen at PACCAR, the American premium truck company, Until recently this was hard to achieve as large screen projection was only possible in a darkened room, which broke the connection between audience and presenter. Now, thanks to dnp’s optical screens, you can project high quality images in any situation, including broad daylight. Consider the advantages as a presenter: To start with, you can leave the lights on. You are not blinded by the contrast between bright light from the projector and the darkness of the room. You can maintain eye contact with your audience and read their facial expressions. You can even clarify a point by drawing on a whiteboard. What’s more, your viewers can take notes without straining their eyes


Corporate board rooms

India’s National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) in Mumbai needed a new AV system in its boardroom. M/s Cosmos Business Machines confidently recommended installing a dnp optical rear projection screen to provide an optimal combination of quality, economy and aesthetics. When it came to choosing Audio Visual Technologies for their new, state-of-the-art boardroom, NABARD consulted their Architect & Consultant Mr. Sandeep Govalkar. He in turn asked several Audio Visual System Integrators to present the latest and best technologies. M/s Cosmos Business Machines, integrator and a dnp Partner in Mumbai, won the pitch after a convincing live demo of a dnp optical rear projection screen. The 135” dnp Giant Wide Angle Screen they showed impressed the client, and in consultation with Dharma Teja of DistroTech, the decision was made to adopt a rear projection system for optimal performance.


Corporate reception area's

First impressions have lasting effects, and for company visitors the reception area is their first point of contact. That’s why more and more forward-thinking companies are installing large screens in their reception areas. Using high quality screens from dnp, such as a 200" dnp Supernova Infinity screen at Sonera's HQ in Helsinki, Finland, you can present your corporate presentations or news broadcasts. You can captivate visitors with panoramic, peaceful and constantly changing footage from the great outdoors. Choose whatever type of footage suits your corporate identity and brand values. It will not only enhance the first impression your ompany gives, but at the same time entertain waiting customers!



Corporate video conference

Video conferencing and tele-presence are great ways to cut travel costs, while enabling people to work in geographically dispersed teams. With dnp screens, such as at the regional HQ of PwC in Jutland, Denmark, you can create a virtual meeting experience unlike any other. For video conferencing cameras to work well it is normally recommended they work in environments withhigh ambient light (typically > 800 lux). Such lightning levels will wash out the image of non-optical projection screens, which is why dnp is the absolute market leader in this application. Life-like images give a true sense of proximity to longdistance meetings. Team members can monitor their colleagues’ expressions and body language, almost as if they were in the same room







Boardroom table and chairs, by windows overlooking cityscape







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