Autumn  2018

  • dnp denmark showcases Dutch premier league football club Fortuna Sittard as installation of the month October 2018
  • Partners ISBC Sport and xScreen Interactive team up at the annual Nationale Sport Vakbeurs on November 14-15 in the Evenementenhal Gorinchem. Several 100” dnp LaserPanels will also be used by WePlay Esports on the 145 m2 eSports Square centred in the heart of the exhibition hall.
  • The catering facilities of top sports swimming and waterpolo location Het Hofbad in Ypenburg The Hague are enriched with a Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ 100” dnp LaserPanel system
  • Fortuna Sittard installs six dnp LaserPanels throughout the Fortuna Sittard stadium to demonstrate to its fans and sponsors that the return tot he Dutch Premier League marks the start of a new era.
  • Football club RKHSV installs Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ in its clubhouse in Heugem Maastricht

Summer 2018

  • TSS Cross Media Group and xScreen Interactive sign a partnership agreement. The Evado Content Management System is to be deployed on the entire Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ DOOH network.
  •  Football club sv Lelystad ’67 is the third club in the Flevoland province to join the Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ DOOH network.
  •  Dutchital Media and xScreen Interactive sign a partnership agreement to support sports clubs in the Netherlands with their local media sales.
  •  Crown Business Centre Schiphol installs a 100” dnp Laser Panel in its reception area. Corporate visitors are now welcomed with live entertainment surronded by corporate messaging

Spring 2018

  • Fortuna Wormerveer installs Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ in the football club’s clubhouse
  • xScreen Interactive presented its Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ concept at the Nationale Sport Expo on May 15-16 in the Johan Cruyff Arena. The expo organisers Nederlands Congres Bureau have planned next year’s edition to take place in the Rotterdam Kuip.
  • ISBC Sport and xScreen Interactive sign a partnership agreement whereby ISBC Sport will offer the Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ concept to its clubs in conjuction with its Masita teamwear proposition. The ISBC showroom in Echt is also enriched with a 100” dnp LaserPane
  • The Split Xcreen-Advertsing™ network is expanded with a 120″ inch Supernova One screen at Premier League hockey club HC Tilburg and a 100″inch dnp Laserpanel at Tenniscentrum Startbaan in Amstelveen.

Winter 2018

  • The renowned Martin Verkerk Academy former Roland Garros finalist (2003) expands its tennis training facilities to Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ location Park WW in The Hague.  
  • dnp denmark presented several new products at the February ISE 2018 Show (80,000+ attendants) in the RAI Conference Centre in Amsterdam. Among which, an 80” transparent screen solution in order to test whether there is potential interest for such product.
  • Live sports on the menu at the WHISTLE Sports Bar and Grill in Mannheim, Germany
  • Black Box Network Services and xScreen Interactive enable eSports video distribution over IP on all screens in Alphen’s Esports Game Arena and online. 
  • Omnisports club Onze Gezellen joins the Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ family by installing a tailormade dnp LaserPanel in its clubhouse in Haarlem.
  • Football club c.v.v. Oranje Nassau Almelo welcomes visitors to its clubhouse with Split-Xcreen-Advertising™.
  • xScreen Interactive moves further into Friesland  and installs Split-Xcreen-Advertising in the clubhouse of football club vv Jubbega.
  • Rotterdam football club FC Maense is to install a 100” dnp LaserPanel its clubhouse.

Autumn 2017

  • xScreen Interactive is to exhibit Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ at the Nationale Sport Vakbeurs in the Evenmentenhal Gorinchem from November 15-16. In addition to presenting its core product solution for sports clubs, the company will introduce eSports Experience together with simulated-racing market leader, Studio 397.  
  • Sportcafe Drieburcht in Tilburg enriches its catering facilities with Split-Xcreen-Advertising™
  • Sam Aaron is to present Sonic Pi, on a 100” dnp Laser Panel rental solution, at the J-Fall conference in Cinemec Ede. Attendants to the annual event for the Dutch community of Java development professionals (NLJUG) will be demonstrated the ease of learning to code creatively by composing or performing music.
  • xScreen Interactive presents eSports solutions at Trendship 2017 in the Martini Plaza in Groningen.  More than 1,600 businessmen and -women, attending the annual innovation conference, were to experience the impact that big screen displays have when playing eSports such as FIFA18 and rFactor2.
  • The first eSports venue in the Netherlands, the E-Sports Game Arena in Alphen aan den Rijn opened its doors on October 13th. xScreen Interactive, as system integrator, installed a state-of-the-art line-up of displays. Visitors can follow their favorite players on multiple 100” dnp LaserPanels and Panasonic out-of-home displays.
  • xScreen Interactive and software technology company Luminis and Studio 397 team up to bring rFactor2 simulated-racing to eSports experience centres.
  • Partners xScreen Interactive and dnp denmark expand their Digital Out-Of-Home solutions into the eSports market.
  • xScreen Interactive co-sponsors Sportcongres Midden-Brabant. The conference, hosted by Fier Bemiddeling, centers around sustainable and financial solutions for sports clubs in the province of Noord Brabant.
  • Transport for London (TfL) installs a 5m wide dnp Supernova Infinity Screen situated in the main ticket hall at Kings Cross tube station, to display TfL’s “Art on the Underground”. 

Summer 2017

  • xScreen Interactive and Fier Bemiddeling sign partnership agreement to increase  the density of the Split-Xcreen-Advertising network in the southern part of the Netherlands.
  • Business lounge The Corner in the Koning Willem II football stadium in Tilburg is to be enriched with a 100” dnp LaserPanel.
  • xScreen Interactive sponsors the Univé Jong Senioren competitie. From September-May some 30 football clubs in the province of North-Holland will be taking part in this  mid-week under-23 football league.
  • Newly promoted 3rd Division football club ACV in Assen is to install Split-Xcreen-Advertising to be displayed on a 120” dnp Supernova One screen
  • Multiple clubs in Drenthe will start the new football season with Split-Xcreen-Advertising being installed. Among them are FC Meppel, vv Dalen and FC Zuidlaren.
  • The Tilburg City Council Chamber is enriched with a dnp LaserPanel. The City of Tilburg is the first government organisation that enables its council members to display their presentations on a 100” dnp Supernova screen.    

Spring 2017

  • The density of the Split-Xcreen-Advertising network in Friesland increases further with new locations added at football clubs in Drachten (vv Drachten), Leeuwarden (LAC Frisia 1883) and Burgum (BCV) and Veenwouden (sc Veenwouden)
  • Sport Temple’s newest speed soccer location, Soccer Inside Emmeloord, to be opened in June, will be enriched with a 100″ dnp LaserPanel.
  • xScreen Interactive supports the anti-smoking initiative of Hartstichting, Longfonds and KWF Kankerbestrijding. All current and upcoming Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ locations will run a publicity campaign for Rookvrije Generatie until the end of 2017.
  • xScreen Interactive signs partnership agreements with Clingendael Mediagroep and with Sport Temple. Clingendael Media Groep has, for more than 40 years, successfully provided both analog and digital advertisements for public venues throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Sport Temple introduced its unique speedsoccer concept, Soccer Temple, in January 2017. The company intends to expand its current franchise network to over 50 locations in the Benelux countries, in the coming years.
  • Spa Sport Hotel Zuiver in Amsterdam is to install a 100″ dnp LaserPanel in its Amstelpark Tennis Clubhouse before the start of the upcoming outdoor season. Amstelpark, with 21 outdoor and 11 indoor courts, hosts both tennislubs Amstelpark and Smashing Pink as well as 000’s of visiting tennis enthousiasts that regularly book a court.
  • The hospitality facilities of Sportcentrum Schuttersveld in Sneek are to be enriched with Split-Xcreen-Advertising. Schuttersveld, an in-and outdoor sports centre is the home of AV Horror (athletics), De Waterpoort (korfbal), vv Waterpoort Boys and vv Black Boys (football), White Cats (baseball),  Snits (cycling), BCS’97 (badminton), ATC (gymnastics) and skate- and skeeler club de IJsster.

Winter 2017

  • dnp screen brings Keirin cyclingto life. Satellite Chuetsu, an off-track betting facility upgrades its facilities in Niigata Prefecture, Japan with a 240″ dnp Supernova Infinity screen
  • Excelsior ’20 in Schiedam joins the Split-Xcreen-Advertising network. The 97-year old football- and cricket club will now offer its 1,000 members, friends and family all-year round “Big Screen Clubhouse Sports Entertainment
  • 3rd Division football club OJC Rosmalen, enriches its clubhouse with Split-Xcreen-Advertising. As of early March its 2,400 members, 500 volunteers and 1000’s of weekly visitors can experience live football on a 100” dnp LaserPanel.
  • The density of the Split-Xcreen-Advertising network in the northern part of the Netherlands further increases with new LaserPanels being installed at FVV in Foxhol and vv Actief Eelde (both in Groningen province), vv Akkrum (in Friesland) and vv Emmen (Drenthe)
  • dnp denmark presented the next wave of dnp LaserPanel solutions at ISE 2017 (February 7-10 in the Amsterdam RAI Conference Centre). A record attendance of more than 73,400 (11.7% y-o-y increase) clearly demonstrates a growing global interest in high quality digital signage solutions. dnp Supernova displays (incl. 4K Laser technology) could also be seen at the booths of Delta Corp, Barco, Eyevis, Casio, Christie and COMM-TEC.”
  • Split-Xcreen-Advertising location, Indoor Soccer Centre Groningenremoves dreaded artificial grass football pitches.
  • New dnp LaserPanel screens going up in city of Groningen, sc Stadspark, cvv Oranje Nassau and FC Lewenborg
  • sv Charlois to join the Split-Xcreen-Advertising “family “ and expand the network’s reach in the Rotterdam region
  • Further expansion of the Split-Xcreen-Advertising network in the northern region of the Netherlands with new locations added at Achilles 1892 and vv Leo in the Assen region, vv Hoogeveen and Dutch handball stronghold E&O in Emmen and vv Jubbega in Friesland.

Autumn 2016

  • vv Balk in southern Friesland and sc Emmeloord in the NO Polder implement Split-Xcreen-Advertising
  • xScreen Interactive delivers Big Screen live sports entertainment to football club Kolping Boys in Alkmaar
  • The 120″ dnp Supernova screen in the FC Lisse clubhouse, was the centre of attention, when clubmembers and fans enjoyed watching the live internet broadcast on Podium TV of its main squad’s away game against ONS Boso Sneek. The November 26th 3rd Division match was sponsored by NDC Mediagroep’s daily newspaper, Leeuwarder Courant.”
  • 100” dnp Laser Panels attract the interest of consumers in C&A’s flagship store in Amsterdam
  • NDC Mediagroep and xScreen Interactive jointly exhibit XL Screen TV and Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ at the Nationale Sport Vakbeurs in the Exhibition Centre Evenementenhal in Gorinchem.
  • xScreen Interactive releases Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ casestudy for footballclub SV-Hoofddorpclick for download
  • Reigning national champion TOP Quaratio in Sassenheim starts the 2016/17 Dutch korfbal season with Split-Xcreen-Advertising™
  • Former Dutch national football champion (1920) and current 3rd Division football club, Be Quick 1887 installs Split-Xcreen-Advertising™
  • The national Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ network expands further with new locations added in Haren (GR) vv Helpman, Grou GAVC, Hoogeveen HZVV and DIO in Oosterwolde.
  • dnp denmark has teamed up with a Danish furniture company to create a projector cabinet for the dnp LaserPanel that keeps the projector out of sight.
  • Dutch Premier Hockey League kicks off on Sep 3-4 with ABN AMRO Cup finals at HC Rotterdam. Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ displayed on a 120″ dnp Supernova Blade and on a high-end Bang & Olufsen 85″ Beovision Avant TV.

Summer 2016  

  • The Northern Netherlands’ XL Screen TV network keeps on expanding with Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ going live at vv Oerterp, vv Bergum and VEV ’67.
  • Hockeyclub Fletiomare entertains its (more than 2200) members and visitors throughout the week and on the weekends by installing a 100 inch dnp Laser Panel displaying Split-Xcreen-Advertising™.
  • FC Lienden starts its new Second Division football season with Split-Xcreen-Advertising™
  • a further 6 footballclubs in the northern part of the Netherlands have gone live with XL Screen TV; GVAV Rapiditas, VVK, sc Erica, Read Swart, LTC Assen and NEC Delfzijl
  • v.v. Katwijk is the next Second Division Footballclub to install Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ in its clubhouse
  • Visitors to Park WW ’t Paviljoen in The Hague can enjoy all the live action from Wimbledon on a tailormade 91” dnp LaserPanel TV.
  • Sportplein Indoor Veendam serves out Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ to its audience.
  • NDC Mediagroep displays Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ to visitors of its corporate HQ in Leeuwarden.

Spring 2016

  • XL Screen TV going live in the province of Groningen at Veendam 1894, vv Nieuw-Buinen, WVV Winschoten and Sportcentrum Leek.
  • Emmen based footballclubs Drenthina, DZOH and SVBO embrace NDC Mediagroep’s XL Screen TV.
  • dnp LaserPanel ™ receives “Best of ISE Award” for best new screen product at ISE2016.
  • xScreen Interactive presented Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ in March at the“Dag van de Sportaccommodaties” exhibition in the Expo Houten.
  • VVSB in the semi finals of the Dutch FA Cup was the trending topic on March 2nd with major broadcasters NOSand RTL covering the news live from the VVSB Clubhouse.
  • Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ goes live at HGC hockeyclub in Wassenaar and at Hockey Club Zwolle. NDC Mediagroep launches “XL Screen TV” at footballclub vv Hoogezand.
  • XL Screen TV is a tailormade version of Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ exclusively for the Northern Netherlands .

Winter 2016

  • Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ was presented to an international audience at Integrated Systems Europe 2016 from Feb 9-12 in the RAI Conference Centre, Amsterdam. With more 60,000 visitors from across the globe, ISE is considered the leading annual event in the global audiovisual industry.
  • xScreen Interactive presented Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ at “Het Nationaal Hockey Congres”, the annual conference organised by the Royal Dutch Hockey Association (KNHB).
  • Topklasse footballclub VVSB in Noordwijkerhout presents the newly installed 100″ dnp LaserPanel to its members during a live broadcast of its squad in the 1/4 finals of the Dutch FA Cup.
  • World’s first 100″ dnp LaserPanel for Indoor Soccer Centre, named Installation Of The Month (January 2016) by dnp denmark.

Autumn 2015

  • The newly opened Indoor Soccer Centre in Groningen, Netherlands is the world’s first public venue to install the revolutionary dnp LaserPanel in its Sports Café. The soccer centre is linked up to the National DOOH Sports Network as is also footballclub SJC in Noordwijk.
  • Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ was presented at the annual Amsterdam Amateur Football Championship, “het Kampioenschap Van Amsterdam”.

Summer 2015

  • Before the opening of the new season, several amateur football and hockeyclubs in the Netherlands installed split-xcreen-advertising™ displays (105″ – 120″) and link in to the National DOOH Sports Network. Among these are football club sv. Hoofddorp and the internationally renowned hockeyclubs HC Rotterdam and HC Den Bosch.

Spring 2015

  • xScreen Interactive, dnp denmark and CS Digital Media sign partnership agreement to create a National Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) Sports Network in the Netherlands.
  • dnp Denmark introduces the dnp LaserPanel at InfoComm 2016 in Las Vegas. dnp LaserPanels are based on optical screen technology, and powered by an ultra-short-throw laser projector mounted over the screen, which shoots down from a steep angle. The display is mounted on the wall like LED flat screens.

Autumn 2014

  • Split-Xcreen-Advertising™ on a Supernova 120″ Blade Screen is installed at footballclub FC Lisse in the Netherlands. The ultra thin 4m² screen displays  split-xcreen-advertising™, which enables the Dutch Topklasse footballclub to offer its sponsors a unique platform to display their respective commercial messages to a wide and engaged audience. In turn the club generates substantial additional income from advertising as well increasing its bar turnover considerably.
  • 100″ Supernova STS and 110″ Supernova Blade screens are installed at Brasserie Tivoli in Oudenbosch and at the offices of Schoolinfo in Utrecht.

Summer 2014

  • Output BV is appointed as premium distributor for dnp denmark in the Netherlands and Belgium. Ouptut’s premises in ‘s-Hertogenbosch houses the dnp Demo Centre Benelux, displaying a wide range of dnp products.
  • dnp denmark introduces the Supernova XL Screen. The world’s largest optical front projection screen available as a single screen solution. Its size (up to 530 cm x 300 cm) and optical performance are designed to satisfy even the most critical audiences. Impressive and affordable, the Supernova XL Screen is ideal for large venues such as big conference rooms, auditoriums and houses of worship.

Spring 2014

  • Conference Centre “Het Groene Paviljoen”, part of Bomencentrum Nederland in Baarn installs a custom-made 72″ Supernova STS screen to enable its corporate customers to enrich their presentations.
  • Legmeervogels Footballclub meanwhile had the first 100″ split-xcreen-advertising™concept installed dnp Authorised Dealer, Bazelmans AVR (executed by RAV Media) enabling the club sponsors to advertise simultaneously with live broadcasts of Dutch Premier League football matches.
  • Centre for Apllied Games (now named One Degree) installs a 100″ Supernova STS screen in combination with a Vivitek 7180HD projector.

Winter 2014

  • The Australian Open Tennis Tournament and the Winter Olympics in Sochi are presented as Big Screen entertainment on a 100″ Supernova STS screen to the members of Lawn Tennis Club Lisse. Visitors of the 17-court tennis venue, can enjoy live sports events throughout the year.

Autumn 2013

ISBC Sport and xScreen Interactive sign a partnership agreement whereby ISBC Sport will offer the split-xcreen-advertising concept to its clubs in conjuction with its Masita teamwear proposition. The ISBC showroom in Echt is also enriched with a 100” dnp LaserPanel.

The split-xcreen-advertsing network is expanded with a 120” Supernova One screen at Premier League hockey club HC Tilburg and a 100” dnp LaserPanel at Tenniscentrum Startbaan in Amstelveen.

  • xScreen Interactive installs the first dnp Supernova STS screen in the Netherlands. The lobby of the HQ of the Dutch Public Broadcasting organisation, NPO, is enriched with a 100″ screen combined with a Vivitek 7180HD ultra-short-throw projector.