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The battle for the customer takes place in the store, where no less than 65% of purchasing decisions are made. So it’s worth investing in technologies which give your products a fighting chance. High quality dnp screens are the perfect way to provide relevant, lightning quick information, just at the moment when consumers are making a purchase decision. Offering extra large screen sizes and unrivalled image clarity, they add a larger-than-life experience to Point of Sales advertising. Guaranteed to grab your customers’ attention! dnp screens are available in sizes up to 200”, and can be combined to form even bigger displays. As a result they go far beyond what conventional flat panel screens can offer. The effects are rapidly evident in your bottom line and even more so when installed in combination with professional high-quality Laser projection technology. 



April_08_installationInformation displays

We all know what it’s like to sit in an airport lounge, too far away from the departures board to actually read it. You’ve only got two options: to stand and wait directly in front of the screen or get up every 5 minutes and check it. (If you’re lucky, no-one will have taken your seat while you’re away). Unique dnp screen technology changes all this. Our screens have the vital attribute required for information displays in airports, railway stations, museums, reception areas, shopping malls and other large spaces – the information on them is easily visible, even at a distance. Whatever the message you want to display, and where ever you want to display it, we have the technology you need. Select a display that is optimised for long or short viewing distances; for horizontal and/or vertical viewing angles; for display of video and/or data and for location in medium or brightly lit environments.



dnp0435a11Instore Solutions

Nothing is more likely to catch the attention of shoppers and passers-by than a billboard-sized moving image display. And with so many purchasing decisions based on impulse at the Point of Sale, the opportunity is too good to miss! Use sales-boosting dnp optical projection screens to: advertise and provide information about your products, highlight campaign offers, enhance your brand or store image and create an exciting atmosphere Expand your store virtually with a “flying” screen that takes up zero floor space. The dnp Ultra Contrast rear projection screen displays high-quality moving images in brightly-lit environments, making it perfect for a window or in-store display. If you prefer a wall-mounted front screen or a built-in rear projection display, dnp also offers a wide range of screens optimized for the special light conditions in malls and shops. 



gfxghxfgAdvertising Revenue

Large-screen displays provide a new source of advertising revenue for shopping centres, airports, railway stations and their contractors. Here are some of the many ways they add value: synergies between Point of Sale and TV advertising, dynamic content updated via the Internet, reach specific customer groups at a certain time and use of sales data to measure the impact of a campaign instantly While posters, billboards and other traditional retail media are static, dnp optical projection screens allow advertisers to use moving images and to make links with TV ads and other media. Today’s broadband technology makes it easy to distribute movie ads over the Internet to a network of large screen displays strategically placed in chain stores or supermarkets. Advertisers can target specific consumer groups cost effectively by varying their message at different locations and times of the day, week or month.