dnp Supernova XL

The Supernova XL Screen is the world’s largest optical front projection screen available as a single screen solution. Its size and optical performance are designed to satisfy even the most critical audiences. Impressive and affordable, the Supernova XL Screen is ideal for large venues such as big conference rooms, auditoriums and houses of worship.

  • Image size up to 5.3m x 3.0m (equivalent to 240” in 16:9)
  • Near “flat-screen” optical image quality *
  • Available in 7 frame colours
  • Award-winning screen technology
  • Compliance with ANSI/INFOCOMM PISCR standard
  • Perfectly flat image
  • Fold-and-roll solution for lean shipping and easy handling
  • Easy to install
  • 4K compatible

* with a suitable projector




Customise your dnp screen with a selection of 7 frame colours. Mouse-over on the colours below to see the options.

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